Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously. Not only is your privacy important to us, but as users of our own keyboard, we want our data to be private as well. ☺

Apptonomy Group LLC operates the Teleboard keyboard service, and as such, any mention of Teleboard in this privacy policy also applies to the Apptonomy Group company.

We collect anonymous data from users only to help us improve and debug the Teleboard keyboard’s feature set, usability and design. These data points may include anonymous application performance, device information, network connectivity and usage statistics. In no way do we disseminate this information to any third parties.

Allow Full Access

There will NOT be ANY sensitive personal data collection of any kind.

A warning that third-party keyboards may collect or log sensitive data such as passwords, credit card numbers or street addresses may appear during the installation of our products.

Apple does NOT allow third party keyboards to be used in fields requiring credit card information or passwords. Apple’s proprietary keyboard will take over in these areas. Further, Teleboard products are designed not to read, log or transmit any such sensitive data should a problem occur with Apple’s security design.

Teleboard always encrypts data for both transmission and storage. We host this data in third party hosting facilities (used by well-known global brands) with industry leading security infrastructure.

Location Services

Teleboard will request access for your GPS location while using a one-tap “send my location” feature. This is a requirement in order for us to send your location via an application extension. By accepting this, you are only allowing us to access your location for a limited time. Teleboard will not store, use or share this information while access is granted by you. Further, Teleboard has implemented security protocols so that no third party can access any location information sent.


Our products (including but not limited to our mobile applications, content, cloud based services and websites) fall under this privacy policy.

Where we refer to “personal data” in this privacy policy, we mean any data that may identify you as an individual.

Protecting your personal data and maintaining your trust is core to our mission at Teleboard as we consistently work to ensure your protection.

Through your use of the Teleboard product, you consent to this Privacy Policy. From time to time, Teleboard will change and/or update this privacy policy as new features and versions are released. We will notify you of these changes, and a log/date of these changes will be presented along with the privacy policy.

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