Known Issues

In order to ensure the best possible experience with the Teleboard keyboard, please be certain that you are using the latest version of iOS 8.

Many iOS updates fix the known issues with third party keyboards. To update iOS, tap settings, tap general, tap software update.

iOS automatically switches out of the Teleboard keyboard every now and then.

Occasionally, the keyboard may automatically switch out of Teleboard and into another keyboard. This is a known iOS 8 bug and cannot be fixed by Teleboard. Until iOS resolves this issue, you may prevent your device from inadvertently switching to your default keyboard by removing all other keyboards from your keyboard list.

Teleboard cannot be used to write an App Store review

When attempting to write a review in the App Store with Teleboard, the text field will become blank and your typing will not be visible. This is a known issue for all third party keyboards, and Apple is working on a solution. In the meantime, you may use the default iOS keyboard to leave a review.

The default iOS keyboard shows in quick reply instead of Teleboard

When your phone is locked and you wish to send a quick reply, your device will automatically switch to the default keyboard rather than Teleboard. This issue affects all custom keyboards, and Apple is currently working on a solution.

Other limitations for custom keyboards

Custom keyboards cannot select text. Text selection is under the control of the app that is using the keyboard. If that app provides an editing menu interface (such as for Cut, Copy, and Paste), the keyboard has no access to it. In addition, a custom keyboard cannot offer inline auto correction controls near the insertion point.

Like all app extensions in iOS 8, custom keyboards have no access to the device microphone. Therefore, dictation input is not possible.

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