What is Teleboard?

Teleboard is a simple yet powerful keyboard that allows you to quickly share your location, personalize your experience and gain better control over your cursor and actions.

Where can I download Teleboard?

You can download Teleboard from the Apple App store.

Is Teleboard available for Android?

Teleboard is not available on Android today. If you would like to see Teleboard built for the Android platform, please click here.

Once I download Teleboard, how do I enable it on my phone?

Go to settings on your phone, tap general, tap keyboard, tap keyboards, tap add new keyboard, tap Teleboard. Now tap Teleboard and switch on the allow full access option.

After completing the above steps, open any application that can pull up a keyboard and hold the globe button on the keyboard. Select Teleboard, and you are ready to GO!

Why do I need to allow full access?

Full access allows the Teleboard keyboard to communicate with the Teleboard hosting app to manage preferences and allow users to customize the application.

Teleboard (Apptonomy Group LLC) does not participate in the practice of sharing personal data. Although a warning message will appear when granting full access to Teleboard, the message is simply an alert to the user that it is technically possible to transmit personal data.

How do I quickly share my current location with a friend?

The Teleboard keyboard has a one tap location sharing feature built into the keyboard. The button to the left of the space bar (pin icon) can be tapped to share your current location. You may long press that same button to select either Apple Maps or Google Maps. The button will always use your last known map application selection as your default.

When I share my location, does Teleboard track me indefinitely or share my location for just that moment?

When sharing a location, the user will not be tracked. Only the current location will be shared.

How do I personalize the color scheme/theme of my keyboard?

You may set your personalized color scheme in the hosting app of the keyboard. Do this by holding down the spacebar or by tapping the Teleboard app on your phone. Next, tap the themes icon where you may change the color of the font, keys and background of the keyboard.

How do I access and use numbers, symbols and punctuation?

Long press each key with the appropriate number/symbol.

Why does the keyboard sporadically switch out of Teleboard and into another keyboard?

This is a known bug with all third party keyboards and iOS. Unfortunately, a solution is out of our control.

If you are experiencing this issue too often, you can remove all other keyboards from your keyboard list so that it does not inadvertently switch to another keyboard.

What happened to the microphone and why can’t I use voice dictation from the keyboard?

While we would like to include the microphone and voice dictation in our keyboard, this feature is not currently available in iOS 8.

What data does Teleboard collect and how is it used?

In order to help build a better product and service for its users, Teleboard may collect data that includes (but is not limited to) information from cookies, log files, device identifiers, learned language data/Language Modeling Data and statistics.

What languages are supported in Teleboard?

Coming soon, the Teleboard keyboard will support English with Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Latin, German and Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.

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